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“Stance podcast have an ingenious way of transporting listeners into the worlds of the artists and storytellers they feature. The way in which they have created a global platform to spotlight those who are often- times overlooked or under-represented is particularly compelling and what fuelled our decision to collaborate with them. The task: cast an editorial lens on the 747 Warehouse St. event at All Star Weekend in LA. The result: a beautifully curated content piece that immerses listeners into the culture, community and spirit of the experiences had by our Creator Network. Would definitely recommend working with them – both Heta and Chrystal are creative, self-sufficient and a joy to work with.“




“Stance joined Tate Exchange as an Associate in 2017. Their mission to create space for meaningful and active storytelling has resulted in a rich, culturally-rooted programme defined by the duo’s innovative and provocative approach to their topics.Whether it be reactivating the spirit of dubstep, curating a DJ line-up or interviewing a community of refugee artists – Heta and Chrystal are committed to the integrity of their collaborators, always approaching their work with generosity and openness. We are proud to work with Stance and look forward to working together again soon.”



British Film Institute

“We invited Stance podcast to be a part of the BFI’s first ever podcast festival, Podstock, because we find their show to be dynamic, intelligent and providing a fresh perspective on culture. We loved working with Chrystal and Heta on this event, and the show they produced for our audience was wonderfully engaging. After Podstock, we're even bigger fans of Stance, Chrystal and Heta.“


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