Ep. 28: Valeria Luiselli; Creative Growth Arts; KOKOKO!

Valeria Luiselli - Photography by Diego Berruecos

Valeria Luiselli - Photography by Diego Berruecos

Stance speaks with Valeria Luiselli about her new novel, Lost Children Archive. She is an acclaimed writer of both fiction and non-fiction, winner of two Los Angeles Times Book Prizes and an American Book Award. Born in Mexico City, she has lived in the United States, Costa Rica, South Korea, South Africa, India and across Europe.

Book Cover: The Lost Children

Book Cover: The Lost Children

The “teasingly autobiographical” novel which has been longlisted for the 2019 Women’s Prize for Fiction and centres around a New York family setting out on a road trip to the Apacheria, the regions of the US which used to be Mexico and inhabited by the Apache people. At the same time, thousands of children are travelling north to the US border from Central America and Mexico. Stance speaks with Valeria about her life and how this has influenced her writing and storytelling on a personal and political level.

Nicole Storm Installation - An Other Life

Nicole Storm Installation - An Other Life

Stance explores part of the disability movement within the arts in California. Historically, disabled voices have often been relegated to the sidelines, however in the East Bay, this movement has steadily grown in recognition since the 70s and remains an important part of the area’s social fabric.

Untitled: Creative Growth Artist, Dan Miller

Untitled: Creative Growth Artist, Dan Miller

Stance speaks with innovative voices such as Leroy F Moore Jr, founder of Krip Hop Nation, a movement that addresses ableism and discrimination against disabled artists in the hip-hop music industry. As well as visiting Creative Growth, an institution which supports artists with disabilities to be recognised in their own right. Some of their artists include Dan Miller and Dwight Mackintosh’s work will be featured at Frieze New York 2019.

KOKOKO! - Photography courtesy of the band

KOKOKO! - Photography courtesy of the band

We are in conversation with KOKOKO! - a band that beautifully mixes homemade instruments and electronics to create an exciting new sound. Born in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, KOKOKO! formed organically after a jam session ended in a block party. The 5-piece-band consists of Love Amundala Lokombe, Bom’s Liteli Bomolo, Dido Lokato Oweke, débruit and Makara Bianko aka The Lingwala Devil.

KOKOKO! on tour La Belle Kinoise

KOKOKO! on tour La Belle Kinoise

Stance speaks with Liteli Bomolo, débruit and Makara Bianko, three members of this ingenious collaboration, which has been hailed as creating a new music scene that is original and radical against a backdrop of political instability. We find out more about how they all met, their creative process and what comes next.

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