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The Stance Podcast Pushes Underrepresented Creative Voice

Covering sexuality, race, current affairs, and all things art and design in a completely fresh and relatable way, the Stance podcast is a monthly DIY dose of stories that spotlights those who often go overlooked. Creators Heta Fell, in San Francisco, and Chrystal Genesis, in London, have built a wide-ranging series that plays host to marginalized voices and has become one of the most consistently smart podcasts to emerge in the past year.

After launching in early 2017, the duo has fine-tuned a magazine-style show that interviews artists, choreographers, writers, and filmmakers—each with a unique narrative and perspective. More recently, they have branched into chaired panel discussions—such as a recent London Design Festival Power panel talk with women leading in their fields, including Baroness Lola Young—and installed an immersive audio installation at the Barbican in London.

We caught up with the impressive pair both to unravel the intimate accounts of those who define our culture and to learn more about the production and new channels of storytelling in this day and age.

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Chrystal Genesis